Transportation is now the largest source of carbon emissions in Colorado. The Colorado EV Plan 2020 provides a roadmap for reducing transportation emissions by electrifying the transportation sector and increasing renewables. Multiple partners in our three counties are collaborating to advance clean transportation, making our region a statewide leader in low-carbon transportation.

Current Transportation Initiatives

Increasing access to electric vehicles

Colorado has a statewide goal of 940,000 electric vehicles by 2030. With support from the Colorado Energy Office, partners in our region have joined forces over the last several years to organize annual EV group-buy programs and offer “Experience Electric” events to help residents learn more about EV options.

Expanding EV charging infrastructure

Colorado is leading the nation in creating a reliable and accessible EV charging infrastructure to make it easy to drive an EV anywhere in the state. Through collaborating regionally in partnership with the Colorado Energy Office over the last several years, our region has developed a strong EV charging network and is continuing to fill in gaps.

The ReCharge Colorado Program provides businesses, local governments, schools, and other organizations interested in EV charging stations with brand-agnostic, technical advising, coaching, and grant-writing assistance to accelerate the deployment of charging infrastructure throughout our region. Grant funding is available to offset the purchase and installation of EV chargers through Charge Ahead Colorado.