The Western Colorado Clean Energy Network is a collaboration of nonprofit and civic organizations, local governments and other partners working together at regional scale to achieve more rapid progress on shared clean energy goals while maximizing economic opportunity.

Local governments, organizations and businesses in western Colorado, utilities that serve our region, and the State of Colorado have set clean energy-related targets that will require broad participation and innovative, sustained approaches to achieve.

The Western Colorado Clean Energy Network was established to accelerate our collaborative process by sharing successful tools and approaches, working for synergies and economies of scale, and mobilizing the resources and skills essential for making plans a reality. The Network is also helping more people and communities maximize opportunities, while mitigating any impacts as Colorado pursues clean energy targets.

Multiple partners are already demonstrating the power of this approach. With a grant from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and the support of other funders (see below), they are working together to develop a three-county solar and storage study and action plan.

The Network builds on 10 years of successful collaborations within and between counties and strategy-building workshops, presentations and discussions that began in 2016.

Network partners and participants:

Thank you to the following funders for their support of the work described in this website, either through general support, project funding or in-kind contributions: